WhiteHawk was founded in 2021 to acquire premier mineral and royalty interests and deliver strong returns to investors through dividends and growth.

We believe ownership of minerals and royalties is the most advantaged way to invest in energy given their attractive margins, low operating expenses, and no capital expenditures. Minerals and royalties are the only energy asset class that generate free cash flow through low commodity price cycles while still receiving complete upside in higher price environments.

Management Team Track Record

WhiteHawk’s management team has a proven history of creating substantial value from several publicly-traded U.S. energy companies, yielding significant investor returns

Atlas Energy, Inc.

  • Led IPO in 2004 for $200 million

  • Pioneered the Marcellus Shale, drilling more natural gas wells from 2005 to 2010 than any other company in the United States

  • Sold to Chevron Corporation for $4.3 billion

Atlas Pipeline Partners, LP

  • Led IPO in 2000 for $40 million

  • Expanded to become one of the largest pipeline and processing companies in Oklahoma, and the largest pipeline and processing business in the Permian Basin in Texas

  • Sold to Targa Resources for $7.7 billion

Falcon Minerals Corp.

  • Formed in 2018 via a SPAC business combination with Osprey Energy
  • Completed over 30 mineral and royalty acquisitions in the core of the Eagle Ford Shale to become established as a leading publicly traded minerals business

Career Opportunities

There are no careers open at this time.

For more information, contact us at info@whitehawkenergy.com